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Key Features:

Size: 8.5" x 6"

Compact and convenient, our desk calendar is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace, offering just the right size for practicality and style.

Material: 300 GSM Card

Immerse yourself in the quality feel of our desk calendar, crafted from durable 300 GSM cardstock. The robust material ensures longevity, maintaining its elegance throughout the year.

Lamination: Matte Finish

Enjoy a sleek and sophisticated matte finish that not only adds a touch of class but also minimizes glare, ensuring easy readability while reducing reflections.

Binding: Wiro with Stand

Navigate through the months effortlessly with our innovative wiro binding, while the sturdy stand provides stability, allowing your personalized calendar to stand proudly on your desk.

Number of Sheets: 12 with Personal Photo in Each Month

Make each month memorable by adding a personal touch. Customize your calendar with a unique photo for each month, turning your workspace into a gallery of cherished memories.


Tailor your calendar to suit your preferences. Highlight four important dates across the entire calendar, ensuring you never miss a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion.

Why Choose Our Personalized Photo Desk Calendar:

  • Memories Every Month: Relive precious moments with a personalized photo for each month, making your calendar a journey through the year's highlights.
  • Functional Design: Stay organized with dedicated space for notes and the ability to highlight four significant dates each month.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and quality materials, our desk calendar offers both elegance and durability.

Embrace a more personal and organized workspace with our Personalized Photo Desk Calendar. Order now and make every day a celebration of your cherished memories!

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